After school club

Providing flexible wrap around care for parents/carers


At Churchfield, we aim to make our wrap-around care as convenient and as flexible as possible. We have a Breakfast Club beginning at 8:00am and an After School Club which runs until 6:00pm. Both clubs run from Monday to Friday in term time.

Our After School Club starts immediately after school and runs until 6pm. It runs everyday of the school term, except for the final day of each term, when school finishes early (Friday December 17th, Friday 1st April and Thursday 21st July) Val and her team are passionate that the children have a fun, relaxed and enjoyable experience. From outdoor sports to art projects, LEGO and being taught card games, the children have a huge variety of play opportunities to enable them to relax after their day at school.

After school club timetable

View the autumn timetable below or download it here: 
Extra-curricular activities after school


Our daily rate is £8.60 a day

If your child attends every date, rate will be £37.50 a week (which equates to £7.50 a day). They must attend every day otherwise you will be charged the daily rate. Siblings who both attend, every day will be charged £32.50 per week (equates to £6.50), they must attend every day or you will be charged the daily rate.

Again, in order to keep the club flexible to suit your needs, you can select as little or as many days you would like your child/children to attend.

To book a place for either clubs, please contact the school office for a registration form by phone on 02088072458 or by email at

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