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Our latest school newsletter

View our latest newsletter below or download it here: Newsletter 28 March 4th 2022.pdf

School newsletters 2021-22

Below you can view all newsletters from the Churchfield School for the academic year 2021–2022.

CF Newsletter No.26 - January 2022

Highlights: Tin Whistles – Year 3, Covid reminder, Skills builder

CF Newsletter No.25 - January 2022

Highlights: Refurbishment, Old toy drive, Mental Health Week 2022

CF Newsletter No.23 - December 2021

Highlights: Christmas market, Ammonite Fossils, Toilet makeover

CF Newsletter No.22 - November 2021

Highlights: Anti-bullying Week, YouTube Kids, The Winter Market Bake-Off!

CF Newsletter No.21 - November 2021

Highlights: Staff Design Technology training, The SIMs, Sports Ambassadors

CF Newsletter No.20 - October 2021

Highlights: Looking after your teeth, Advice on Discord, Odd Socks Day

CF Newsletter No.19 - October 2021

Highlights: School Development Plan, Taking a screen shot, Churchfield Walks to School!

CF Newsletter No.17 - September 2021

Highlights: Year 6 residential trip to Kingswood, ice cream cone cakes, attendance

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