School Uniform Sales

We are changing the way we supply uniform.

We will gradually be moving over to an online supplier — Mapac.

However, we still have uniform to sell in school and only some sizes will be available online.

Please order cardigans and larger size jumpers (size 34” and above) from the school office. You will need to:

  • Complete order form and provide payment
  • You will notified by text when your order is ready
  • As items run out in school, they will be added to the online service
  • Instructions for ordering online are below

Mapac is also able to provide other uniform items and these will appear on Churchfield’s page on their website. However, you do not have to buy these items from Mapac, you can carry on buying them from your local supermarket if you so wish.


Jade school sweatshirt/cardigan
White shirt or polo shirt
Black/grey school trousers or shorts
Black school shoes
School tie (Year 6 only)


Jade school sweatshirt/cardigan
White shirt or polo shirt
Black/grey school trousers or skirt
Black school shoes
White, black or grey tights or socks
School tie (Year 6 only)

How to Order

To place an order for uniform please follow the instructions here.

Active Uniform

On your child’s PE day they are to wear active uniform. This ensures that children spend more time being active than getting changed.

  • Churchfield jumper or cardigan
  • Plain white t-shirt / polo shirt without buttons
  • Plain black or grey tracksuit bottoms / plain black or grey shorts
  • Plain black trainers

Your class teacher will let you know when your child’s PE days are. Please ensure that children come in wearing their active uniform on their PE days.  Children are not to wear different coloured tops, trousers or hooded tops.

Please ensure you clearly label children’s clothes with their name.

If you have any problems with getting the correct uniform, please speak to a member of the office team.

School Dates