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Churchfield’s SPRING curriculum is designed to create life-long learners who care about their world

Spring Curriculum

Our intent reflects an adaptive approach to delivering the planned curriculum in order to meet the needs of all learners. This means they successfully meet the curricular goals for each  subject. 

Our curriculum has been designed in order to support pupils to gain knowledge and to apply that knowledge in progressively more challenging schemes of learning . Using the National Curriculum as the baseline for our curriculum, subjects are well planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards clearly defined end points.

We have derived our SPRING curriculum drivers  so that we give our pupils the knowledge and skills to aspire to help make their world a better place. Our drivers are:

Language Acquisition-to ensure our pupils can communicate effectively using language ambitiously and accurately 

Physical and Mental Wellbeing-to ensure our pupils develop positive attitudes to diet, exercise, mental health and relationships

Cultural Capital-to ensure our pupils have access to a rich, diverse and aspirational curriculum

The SPRING approach enables teachers to; develop pupils’ vocabulary, their use of our environment, how to incorporate our school values into their day to day life and build resilience using a ‘growth mind set’ approach to learning. 

For most subjects, the school has adopted, and then adapted, well researched external schemes of work. For others, the school has developed its own sequential and progressive curriculum to ensure it reflects the school’s local context.

Our curriculum is implemented through a whole-school strategic approach to the development and retention of skills and knowledge and a focus on spiritual, cultural and moral development of pupils in order to equip them for life and to develop their understanding of their impact on the wider community. 


Churchfield Spring Curriculum Wallpaper

Curriculum Subject Pages

Please see below our draft curriculum subject pages. These are not all finished yet, but we were keen to share with you what we have so far. Click on an image to take you to an external website.


Curriculum Page - Art

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Curriculum Page - French

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Curriculum Page - Maths

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Religious Education

Curriculum Page - Science

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A screenshot of the Churchfield Curriculum Google Site Page for Music

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A screenshot of the Churchfield Curriculum Google Site Page for PSHE

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Curriculum Page - English

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Curriculum Page - History

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Curriculum Page - PE

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Curriculum Page - Science

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A screenshot of the Churchfield Curriculum Google Site Page for Geography

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A screenshot of the Churchfield Curriculum Google Site Page for PSHE

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Design Technology

In Design Technology each year we teach the skills of:

  • ‘Designing’ – developing, planning and discussing ideas
  • ‘Making’ – working with tools, equipment, materials and components to make quality products
  • ‘Evaluating’ – evaluating the process and the products created.

Throughout their time at Churchfield, children will have the opportunity to take part in lots of DT different projects, for example making a fruit salad in year 1, creating their very own chocolate bar in year 3 and even building an Egyptian temple in year 4!

DT teaching is progressive so that each year, children build upon the skills that they were taught the previous year. Teachers work hard to make sure that their pupils’ next teacher is aware of the skills taught in the previous year group so they can develop these skills further.

Whole school curriculum overview

SPRING curriculum 2022-2023

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