School Council

Giving our children a vioce

Our School Parliament members

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Dolphin Mya

Macaw Mia

Chameleon Godric

Leopards Azra

Lion Gad

Penguin Viktor

Jaguar Oliva

Kangaroo Maryam

Panda Jaimie

Giraffe Adi

Turtle Juliet

Iguana Aleesha

Zebra Rayhanna

Tiger Marwa

Camel Bozhidar

The role of the school parliament

  • To work with the Head Teacher, staff and students to ensure there is a better school life for the children in our school.
  • To represent children in their class and present views to management.
  • To have opportunities of leadership and develop the skill of responsibility.
  • To be a part of developing our SPRING curriculum.
  • To be the pupil voice and be the channel of communication in the school.
  • To be a positive role model who ignites aspiration in themselves and others.
  • To promote and demonstrate British Values and our Core Values.

Autumn 1

The children who wanted to be a part of school parliament had the chance to write and present a short speech to their class. The children explained why they would like to be a School Parliament member. They wrote what excites them about the role, how they would make them a good member and what ideas they had to improve out school.

As a whole school the children had a poling morning where they went to vote for the child they wanted to represent their class. Once the votes were counted the School Parliament members were announced in assembly.

Since then we have met and discussed what School Parliament looks at Churchfield and worked on raising the profile of the children.

School Dates