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The school day


Currently, due to Covid, our school day looks slightly different to ‘normal’.

Drop off from Monday 8th March onwards:

Gates to be opened at 8:40am We would like parents to choose a time between 8:40 and 9:10 to enter the school so that not all parents are arriving at the same time. A one way system is in place with free flow entry to avoid parents waiting outside gates.  No KS2 parents (years 3-6) should come on site. There will be extra staff on the playground to guide children to classrooms. The soft start for all year groups is between 8:45 and 9:10.

Main Gates close at 9:10am Lates after that time will go through the office as normal. Parents must wait outside the office.

Pick up:

Parents who are collecting children from more than one class need to use the first pick up time and then wait in the playground outside the next pick up class. Ensure social distancing is taking place. Gates open at 2:55pm (2:50 for nursery.)

  • Nursery, reception and years 1-3 will enter through the main gate.
  • Years 4, 5 and 6 will enter through the side gate by the farm.

Please then use the one way system to exit through the main gate.

Pick up timetable



Location and route



Nursery side door



Classroom doors:
Penguin and Dolphin: in through side gate and out through the main gate
Turtle: outside classroom as normal

Year 1


Outside classrooms

Year 2


Outside classrooms

Year 3


Outside classrooms

Year 4: Jaguar, Iguana


Up on the road past the office, use the side gate by the farm. Walk around the end of the new build across the playground and use the one-way system out of the main gate.

Year 4: Macaw


Up on the road past the office, use the side gate by the farm. Children will be dismissed from the door opposite the junior hall.

Year 5


Outside classrooms- one way system as above (through side gate)

Year 6


Collect Leopard class from the Year 6 exit door.
Collect Pandas from the Art room door.
Tiger class parents need to enter using the side gate
Collect Tiger from the door opposite Junior Hall.

School Dates